Monday, January 30, 2012

Dirty Business

Having a credit card in your pocketbook can be a good thing or a bad thing. A few years ago we ran into something we didn't know existed with credit cards. We had never seen the dirty side to them before. You'd think that if you paid your bill every month on time. Not only paying the minimum payment, but paying extra each month that you'd be fine. Nope, this is wrong thinking!

I would have never thought it! Would you?

It is very important to read EVERYTHING that is attached to your statements and anything extra they mail separately. That's how they slipped it past me without my noticing. I thought it was just another yearly privacy statement and dismissed it. What they sent me was a notice that they were going up on my interest rate. Not just one percent but many percent!!!

Like I said, I had NEVER been late, never missed a payment, and always payed more than their minimum payment so what was the problem here?

I call them and they tell me that they are afraid that I will not pay! No lie! How can they go up on my interests on the thought that I would not pay? They had no answers for me. Not only did they go up on my interest rate, but just a few months previously they had given me a credit limit increase. Why would they give a credit increase to someone that you feared repayment from? I had never asked for a credit line increase by the way.

I knew I had to ditch this dirty company asap! Fortunately for me, I had another credit card company that I had cards with. They had a balance transfer feature (most do) and paid every penny back to this dirty company. They no longer had to worry about me paying them now huh? I called them and canceled them! I'll NEVER use them again!

Ok, now listen to this.. This SAME thing than happened to this new company that I went to use. The difference is, I caught them before the rate went up by catching it in my paperwork. I paid the bill off QUICKLY and than I decided to cut them off too.  I told them that I wanted to cancel my account. At the time I had 2 accounts with them. They begged me to stay with them because I had done business with them for 6 years at the time and they KNEW that I had never paid late or missed any payments.

To suffice me, they combined my two accounts into one so I had one bigger credit line instead of two smaller amounts. They gave me a check up to my credit limit at 1.9% until the balance was paid in full. They also decreased my interest rate. You know how little interest that 1.9% is? I am still to this day paying the note off from this balance. As you could imagine, at 1.9% it's not my pressing bill. I'd rather pay a higher interest note off before this one. ;) I ended up using them! I owed on some land at 12% interest and used the 1.9% to pay it off.. Now I'm saving 10% interest and the property legally belongs to us! Now you see what I mean about using them?

I wrote all of this in a warning that they can target anyone. Just because you are doing everything right doesn't mean you won't get penalized. We have to make sure that we use them and they don't use us. If your options aren't open on what you can do, you may find yourself pinned into something you don't agree with.

As for now, I don't trust any of them. I keep in mind that I am using them. Try not to pay any interest at all by paying my bill off each month we charge. Otherwise I use them for lower interest on things I may be paying higher interest on at the present time (like the property we were buying).

I hope y'all learned a little something from my experience! Don't trust'em!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


This is a MUST SEE for anyone who has not had the chance to view it yet!

I had the honor of going with my family to First Baptist North Mobile in Saraland, AL last night for a free viewing of this movie. Pastor Ed Litton, the pastor of FBNM is in this movie! What is powerful about his part in the movie, is that when he speaks about the loss of a loved one, he is speaking from his heart and from experience. Ya see, it was just four short years ago that he lost the love of his life, his wife, due to a car accident. This is the same scenario portrayed in the movie. How hard that must have been for him? That made the viewing of this movie even more real for the congregation of FBNM because they were all there to witness such a great loss. We may call it a loss, but I believe that the Lord sees it as His gain. With that being said, here is the link to First Baptist North Mobile. This writeup on of Ed Litton's own words about his roll in the movie.

I don't want to give out to many details of the movie for fear of giving it all away, but this movie has many depths to it. Sometimes I laughed so hard I cried and other times I just plain cried.  Be prepared when you get ready to watch it. It not only deals with loss, but also touches the tough things that men deal with in balancing work, family, trials, temptations, faith, loss and just life. It will bring you hope and a desire do better in your own life. What more can a movie do than to motivate you into action? It's so easy to sit on the sidelines of life, but we need to get plugged in!

I am so glad that we went to see it and I plan on buying it on DVD. Pastor Ed Litton, last night, mentioned buying a copy and passing it around to your friends and family. What a powerful way to get the Gospel of Christ into their homes!

I also applaud these movie producers who see the need in this nation for Godly films. A few more I'd also recommend you seeing is "Facing the Giants," "Fireproof," and "Faith Like Potatoes." Each of these have powerful messages and films you'll want to watch over and over. I have each of these on DVD and plan on adding "Courageous" to that collection.


Please feel free to add feedback, comments, or even recommend any other faith filled movies you'd recommend that I didn't mention here. Thanks for reading! ♥

Here is a link to buy your own copy! It's on sale! Couageous on DVD

Friday, January 13, 2012

My New Camera!

I was so excited to get my new camera yesterday! My mom and dad gave me cash for Christmas because I told them I really wanted to get new camera. My great husband put in the rest of the money so I could get this Kodak camera from Walmart for $199 + tax!

I like the fact that this camera came with a camera lense cover.

It's neat cause if the lense is on the camera when you turn it on, it tells you. I hope to fill y'all in on a lot of things via photography! ♥

Update: I LOVE my new camera! I love that it came with the shield for the front so I have no worries of the lense getting scratched. :)

Interested in one of these for yourself? They are on sale for $149.99 on Amazon! That's $50 less than I paid! Check out Kodak EasyShare Z5010 Digital Camera <<Here


Have you heard about Swagbucks??? It is a reward site that rewards you for doing things you already do online. You can use their search engine to search the internet, watch videos, play games and a host of other things on their site. Each thing you do, you win swagbucks that you can exchange for cold hard cash!

I started in about June of 2011. I had decided I'd just save up for a really long time and cash them in on something BIG! My goal was a gift card for Home Depot or Lowes! There is just so much I can buy in those stores! Anyhow, month after month my total continued to itch higher and higher. When December came I thought about making a clean start with the sites I use to make money!

My daughter needed a new screen for her computer so I ended up making a decision to cash my swagbucks in for Amazon Gift Cards. This is one of the cheapest gift cards Swagbucks offers. It is 450 SB for a $5 (AGC). I did this at the end of December so I could maximize my SB's. When cashing them in, they have a couple of rules. You can not cash in more than 2 of the same gift card per day nor more than 5 of one in a month. This meant I needed to get 5/$5 AGC's over a 3 day period. By the end of December I had all 5 gift cards ordered. Come January, I did it again. I ordered 5/$5 AGC's. After this exchange I still had more swagbucks left over! I decided with my remainder Swagbucks I'd get a PayPal gift card for $25. Here I am on January 13th and Swagbucks has fulfilled all 11 orders I have placed with them for a total of $75! $50 with Amazon and $25 with Paypal! :)

Not only did I get the last AGC today and redeem it, I was able to place an order for my daughters computer screen! She is so happy and I am too!

I have to say that it was really easy to earn Swagbucks. I look forward to working with them the whole year and see how much I make. If you have ANY questions about my review or Swagbucks, please don't hesitate to ask! :) Here is my link if you'd like to join!