Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ready for Florida!

Sorry I haven't been on here to update everyone. The word "busy" would be an understatement! As you know my husband has been in FL working and I've been working to leave and go be with him. Well that day is about to arrive! After 3 very long weeks, kid's camp, house plans drawn up, birthday parties, and getting the cows ready for us to leave, we are just about ready to go. Who am I kidding? I was ready to leave with hubby 3 weeks ago, but things HAD to be done! haha With the help of the Lord above, I can see an end in site. All I have left to do (of my huge list of "to dos") is buying our vehicle tags for our vehicles. :)

My dad is suppose to come up to my home on Thursday morning and help me hook up the travel trailer and get it pointed out the driveway. Than I'm headed to buy our tags on the way out of town! I'm super excited to get on the road. Hubby's been anxiously and impatiently waiting our arrival. hehe

Will y'all please pray for my travels? I'm driving approx 800 miles in two days hauling a travel trailer, 3 children, and our dog alone. I know I can do it or I wouldn't attempt it, but prayers are always welcome! :) I'll be staying overnight somewhere along the way as to get rested up for the final stretch. It's a lot of work on the Yukon to haul for 15 hours straight without a break. Not to mention what that drive will do to the kiddos or the dog. I'm predicting lots of stops with three children and a dog in tow! lol

It's kinda bittersweet to be leaving now that I have my house plans ready and in hand. I was hoping so much to have at least my plans, permit, and foundation poured before we went on the road again. I'm hoping we can get someone to come up and get the site ready to build while we're gone. That way we can pull our permit and get started when we come home again (whenever that time may be).

Never a dull moment in the live of the Reeds! I wouldn't trade one second of it for anything in the world. Thank you so much for following me. I hope to have more updates soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prepairing to go to Florida!

My husband works at nuclear plants as an ironworker. He works outages for them which means we travel from job to job. There are so many plants, that it's possible not to work at the same plant twice. The first place we went to was over close to Dothan, AL. We were there for almost a year and a half (off and on). Last outage we were in MS, south of Vicksburg. This time, the job took him all the way to Miami, FL. :)

He left out Sunday for a "make it/break it" welding test. This means that if he doesn't pass the test, he has to come home. If he passes, he gets the job. He took the welding test all day yesterday and when they tested it, he had PASSED! I'm so proud of him! I thank the good Lord above because we were trusting Him 100% on him passing. This job had a high flunk out rate, so when he left, he was going against the odds on passing, but he did it! :D

Now for the hard part... Hubby's down in Ft. Lauderdale, FL filling out all of his paperwork before he goes down to the job site south of Miami and I get the job of wrapping up all the odds and ends around the house so we can go join him. :)

The day before hubby left we were able to get the rest of the hay for our cows to make it through the Winter and we were able to meet up with the guy drawing up our house plans and get him started on the final draft. :)

So now before we can go to FL, I'm waiting on a few things to happen.

1. Next week the children are going to Kid's Camp with our church. Talk about excited! They've been wanting to pack for the past two weeks! lol

2. Than I need to buy the children's school books and supplies. I normally drive over to Pensacola, FL to buy our supplies and I'm thinking I'll drive over there the week the children are at camp. I'll have peace and quiet so I can find everything I need to get for the school year. lol

3. I also need to get our COMPLETED house plans from the guy drawing them up. YAY!!

4. Than I need to get our tags on our vehicles renewed before we leave. This puts us leaving in August. This also puts us into birthday season for the Reed clan. Isaiah's is in August, Hannah is in September, and Elijah is in October. I'm thinking I need to have a small party for them before we leave town. Oh, so that makes #5!

Wow, the more I think about it, the greater my list grows. I do believe I need to stop thinking about it. lol

I'm looking forward to traveling down to S. Florida. The furthest I've been in FL to date is Panama City! I'll be sure to keep y'all updated on what's going on with us. What an adventure we are up for! ♥