Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review of Wendys in Homestead, FL

I never thought I'd be recommending a fast food restaurant, but in this case I feel like I have to. Well I don't have to, but want to. When we first came to South Florida in August, the first fast food restaurant we went to was the Wendy's in Homestead, FL. I was shocked at how good everything tasted. I put it off that maybe I was just hungry. The whole family was in agreement that it was good, but as with myself, we all just assumed we were really hungry. lol

Well since being here, we've been to another Wendy's that is south of the other one. I believe it's in Florida City, FL. This one didn't leave us thinking it was anything special. They didn't even have the drink refill machines available. It just seemed like any other fast food joint.

For us, a drink refill machine is a must with my bunch.. It is so frustrating when you have to go stand in line to ask for a refill. lol

So anyway... Thursday evening, we went grocery shopping and decided to eat out. We decided to go back to the first Wendy's because Hannah thought she remembered them having the drink refill machine out in the sitting area. She was right! We ordered, sat down, and it tasted SO good! Now I'm starting to think it's just this Wendy's. I don't know what they do to make their burgers and fries so good, but I want to commend their managers and staff for a job well done.

I know this may be a silly post for a blog, but if I can get on here and fuss about bad experiences with restaurants, I felt it would be good to tell y'all the ones worth going to try out. So if you are ever on your way to the Florida Keys, don't forget to stop in and visit the Wendy's in Homestead, FL.

While researching for this blog, I went to their website. They have a menu link and a nutrition link. Calculate calories, fat, and carb count here! Very cool!

This is my personal opinion and have not received anything from them to say this. (Thought it needed a disclaimer?) hehe


If there are any Wendy's restaurants you'd like to commend, feel free to add it to the comment below. Please hit "G+1" below this post so others that may live or visit South Florida will have a chance to find out about this Wendy's. If you're going to spend money eating out, you want it to be good right??? :D Thanks!