Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rain, Rain, and more Rain!

I can honestly say that it has rained the whole time we’ve been here! I can’t complain to much because back home, it seemed like we were in a constant drought. By being on the West side of home, maybe this rain is finding it’s way to our home to water the grass for the cows? LOL J

I was really hoping to be able to get out and about this weekend, ride around, exploring, and taking pictures… Can you believe we haven’t even seen the Mississippi River since being over here? We moved our RV yet AGAIN. Not to another RV park, rather to a spot that doesn’t have an entrance that sits in water with all of this rain. All of the water made it impossible to clean up with 5 of us and a dog! Hubby also ended up having to work all weekend. They wanted all of the guys that started last Monday badged and ready for the outage on Monday, so they had to work on testing, classes, and getting their badges on yesterday and today. I’m kind of glad because we need the money! With regular bills, all the traveling expenses, and hubby’s last pay check from his last job being mailed to our home with no access to it, the checking account is rather slim.. That’s the down side of traveling.

Hubby said his schedule is suppose to be Monday-Saturday from 5-5:30. So that’s 72 hours a week! Yikes! We’re still waiting to find out if that’s am or pm. I’m praying so hard that he will end up working days. Lord, please let it be days!!! We are so out of wack when he works nights. School schedules, sleeping schedules, keeping the children quiet in a 28’ RV and everything else is out of place when he goes on nights.

The ONLY good thing about him going on nights is going to the creek out back all day while hubby sleeps. LoL Am I bad or what? I’m really looking forward to going back there when it warms up some. There’s a sand bar for us to use and everything! I can either take their school work to do while we’re back there or just wait until hubby goes in to work and do it with them then. I’d still rather him work days though. The creek is no substitute to having school done at a decent hour and having my hubby sleeping beside me at night. Oh how I  have missed having him by me each night. I didn’t realize how much till this past week of having him by my side. J

Well I really don’t have much to talk about aside from hubby’s work.. Just working on school work, cleaning, and waiting on cell phone service and wifi. They finally have the wifi up and running, but I need to get the access code from them to log online. We’re still waiting on the cell phone boosters to be installed. It’s all a work in progress. J

I’m about to head out now to go find the Mississippi River. After being stuck in the RV all day yesterday with the rain, I HAD to get out today! Hopefully I’ll have pictures and internet SOON! ♥

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