Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My 1st sketch is complete!

Well we gave the guy a down payment to draw up our house plans. We've been waiting 3 weeks to hear from him! Hubby finally called him today and asked how the progress was going for the sketch. We can't get the plans officially started until we get the sketch right, right? He said he had them ready and he would be able to meet with us today or tomorrow. Guess which day we chose? lol

Anyway, we go meet him and I take a look to see what he has. I'm happy with a few things he did to my original plan, but other ways I was freaking out! I am such an emotional person and get overwhelmed easily. He was feeding me so much info, I thought my head was going to spin and drop off. lol

I couldn't get out of there soon enough! I cried on the way to my vehicle. :( I questioned picking this plan, I questioned building a home, I questioned everything! I just knew my husband would be his less than supportive self. He gets upset because he doesn't like to see me upset, but it doesn't help.. ya know?

Don't get me wrong about this guy drawing our plans.He is a very nice guy. He knows what he's doing. He doesn't even know I was upset (I hope). He just wants us to think of every possibility.

He wants us to add more sq ft to our house plan. lol I just wish he understood where I'm coming from. We have lived in a 12'x55' mobile home for 10 years with 3 children. We have lived in an 8'x28' travel trailer for the last 2 years and will continue to do so part time once our home is built. I wish he understood that we don't need a big blank wall for a 55" flat screen t.v.. Those are just not our goals as a family. He really is obsessed with the length of our walls in the living area.. lol This house is literally 4 times as big our travel trailer! It'll feel like we're living in a mansion at under 1200 sq ft! lol

My goals for a home? Hubby and myself PRIVATE space so we don't have to kick the children out to get alone time. Having a decent sized OPEN living area because we spend most of our time together in one room. A porch on either the front or back for our enjoyment.. Have at least one bathroom, my washer/dryer inside, washing machine, wood burner/fireplace, and a few others quirky things that are a must for me. lol It's also important to keep small enough to build with cash! Bigger the house, the more money we'll need!

I honestly try not to be difficult........ Hubby may say differently. lol

Anyhow, after seeing and thoroughly going through his sketch, we have decided on the revisions we want made to the plan. We will have to set up a new meeting with him and show him the things I want changed. I'm feeling a lot less overwhelmed and a bit more optimistic about the process. I just want it DONE and hubby had to explain to me that it's a process and that this is the most important part and we don't want this part rushed through.

Please pray for us in this area and that the Lord will provide the finances? Thank you!

*Living by faith*


  1. Totally agree 100% with your hubby DO NOT rush this part...this is critcial in alot of ways...take your time and make sure it is exactly what you want NOT what He thinks you should want....why not invest in one of those cd's not sure I remember the whole title something where you can build your home on the computer with this program with measurements and all then take it to someone Praying for you Mel I know this is your dream and so hard to keep emotions in tack

  2. I drew the plan online and printed up to show him. I had a few problems when it came to the size of the bathroom and the kitchen so they were going to have to be modified and I was hoping for his expert opinion. lol We're going to have one bathroom, but will have access to it from both our bedroom and from the kitchen. This made the whole area kinda tricky plus throwing the utility over there too. When he saw my plan, he started making adjustments. His sketch was suppose to reflect the things we discussed at the original meeting. He had changed things that weren't suppose to be changed and didn't change things we had actually agreed would be changed. Now we have even more changes. lol

    One of hubby's dreams was to be able to make an iron handrail to go into our future home one day. Today the designer desided he wanted to flip the staircase around. This would take out ALL of our handrail. Luckily this was a no go for both hubby and I so we both spoke up about that part. I'm really looking forward to seeing hubby's work in our home. :)

    Thanks for your comment. I do need to take a deep breath and allow it to all work itself out. ♥