Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ready for a winner?

I just wanted to apologize for not being around more the past few days. 

As many of you know, I started having a toothache last Wednesday evening and it just kept getting worse and worse and worse.

By Saturday, my jaw began to swell and pain medicine didn't touch it. What I was taking would last for a couple of hours and than nothing. Sunday was even worse.. MUCH WORSE.. By then, my jaw had doubled in size from Saturday and I was starting to have a sore throat on the side where the infection was.

I toughed it out will Monday morning when I was able to get in to see the dentist. Diagnosis: Abscess! SHOCKER, right??? lol

Yesterday when I wake up, I realize I had blisters on the inside of my gums, in front of my 5 teeth on the bottom row. I believe that the peroxide I was using burned them! Isn't that crazy? I was upset that something I had done to myself was making the condition worse. All this PAIN!!

Anyhow, We are now at Wednesday and I'm still hurting but instead of it being a "cry baby" tantrum complete and utter meltdown pain, it's a "this hurts, but I can deal with it" kind of pain.

Tomorrow I go back in to see the dentist again.. I hate the dentist office!!! Pray for me! lol

Anyhow, I wanted to tell y'all.. I go in on Thursday and this giveaway is Friday. I AM still going through with it! So no worries there!

I wanted to thank everyone who has participated. It means a lot to me.

Anyway, I do plan on ending it approx 1 day and 17 hours from NOW and announcing the winner sometime on Friday. I was just hoping to be able to cheer everyone on this past week and celebrate with the winner. I hope after my dentist trip, and by Friday, I'll be feeling different than I do now and I'll be able to celebrate. Right now I have dread and anxiety about it all. Did I mention how much I dislike the dentist office? What's so bad.. I'm not afraid to tell them that I don't like them. :( Am I bad or what? lol

With this post I'm giving y'all ONE last time to enter my giveaway! I want to end this thing with a BANG! Share share share! You can share even if you aren't interested in joining my giveaway or try to win it and give it to a friend! lol

Thanks again, ~Mel~ ♥

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  1. You sound like me going to the dentist, I am not afraid to tell them how I feel.........they say "Good morning, how you are?" I tell them "terrible, because I am here"

  2. I can only thank the Good Lord I have never ever had a toothache.