Monday, April 9, 2012

What do I miss from home? You may be surprised..

Well Easter is now over. As you all know, we went home for the weekend. It was really good to see my family. My family is so big, so I still didn't get  see everyone.

We left on Thursday morning, headed towards Mobile, AL and made it back home at about 10 p.m. last night. Shew, at all the driving!

I have to say, I have the best parents in the world. Not only do they let my family stay in their home, they actually WANT us to stay with them when we come home for a visit. I am very blessed!

Apart from missing my family while away, I miss things that I never thought I would miss when I went back home. For one, I miss my cows. Isn't that crazy? I really do. Our little bull acts as if he doesn't recognize us and wants to be more aggressive towards us. Our cow Milly still let us touch her, and Shadow came and wanted us to feed her. She still hasn't forgotten us. She acted as if she actually missed US. :) Our neighbor, that's tending to our animals, said that all of our chickens had disappeared. When we were at home, we found out that at least 2 hens and the rooster are still alive. :D I was really happy when we saw them.

I miss receiving mail! I know this sounds silly, but I actually look forward to checking my mail every day. Our driveway is 1/10 of a mile long, and I get a little time to myself by going to check it every day. The exercise doesn't hurt either. haha I guess I feel like I've accomplished something when I open it up and see a balance lower on a debt we owe. I actually like to pay my bills! Crazy huh? I don't ever look forward to utility bills though. They're always to high and they never get paid off. ;)

I also miss our church family. In the time that we've been there, I've gotten close to a few people and I miss being around them each week and being involved with the things the Lord is doing back home... I also miss helping out with The Chair Ministry also. I'll have to blog about that ministry one day and tell y'all what it's all about. It's a ministry that's near and dear to my heart..

I miss knowing where everything is... Back home if I want to go to the hardware store, need a travel trailer part, want to go to a buffet, to the feed store, tire store, or simply go to a thrift store, it's so difficult to find over here. Back home, I can about drive somewhere blindfolded and make it there. Here, I have internet searches and maps and still can't find what I'm looking for. lol It either does not exist, or I have to drive an hour and get lost finding it.. Don't get me wrong, I've learned my way around pretty well, but there are still some things that are a challenge to find. We get lost every time we drive to Jackson, MS. lol

I miss my local news station! I am not familiar with these strangers on my tv screen. lol It's funny how you feel like you know your news anchors even though you've never met them in person.

I miss the children's 4-H group. We just started this school year, but being over here, it feels like the children are missing out on so much! There are a few ladies I've grown to love and I miss them as well.

I'm sure I could come up with other things that I miss from home, but you know what? I wouldn't change change one single thing! My family is healthy, my husband is working, we are here with him, the children have children to play with, and all is right in the world right now. Not saying we don't have "issues," in our lives, but I guess they all hold second place to things that are most important.

We often feel that our lives are a walk of faith. Nothing has ever been easy for us. We have had to fight and work for every single thing we've ever done. We have always had to have that faith knowing that the Lord will provide, the Lord will make a way where there seems to be no way, a faith that the Lord will keep us and uphold us through good or bad, we we know that we are in His hands.

Lord, help me to be content with that I have and in whatever season you have us in. Amen!


  1. You are a great writer and I enjoy the things you post... I can see why all these little things would be missed so much...when I work at the SRS site in a hotel I missed alot of this my self...well not the animals didnt have those LOL anc I am very intrested in hearing more about your Chair Ministry some day.

    1. Thanks!

      It's not my ministry, but I do like to be as involved as we are able to be and I LOVE the people who run it.. Amazing, amazing people! :)

  2. youre a great writer i enjoyed reading this.

    1. Awe thanks Sherry! I'm glad you liked it! :)