Sunday, May 20, 2012

My newest baby!

When we came back home from out of town, we had decided to sell our cows. We felt that although we were paying our neighbor to tend to them while we were gone, we felt like he didn't want to and we were putting him out. We were also upset that we have had them for 2 whole years and not one baby calf was born, nor either one of our mamma cows were currently pregnant.

I cried every time I thought of getting rid of them. Yes, they cost us a lot of money to have. Yes, we have to do a lot of work to keep them on our property. Yes, they can be as bad as an overgrown child on occasion, but there is just something about them. There is something peaceful about watching them eat grass. It's like time goes in slow motion. It's like with everything in life being so fast paced, it brings you down to earth. I know it may sound strange that I like watching them eat. lol It just amazes me how something that man finds as a chore (cutting grass) is the very thing that keeps them alive and they mow it for free!

We also have two that are so friendly they like to lick your hand. The mamma cow is the worst about doing it. She'll wrap her whole, LONG tongue around your hand and try to pull it into her mouth. I don't know what she thinks she's going to do with it once she get it in there. lol Her daughter took after her and does it too. hehe

Anyhow, when we came home, we went to our neighbor's house to get our young bull (he had went under a fence and went to his house). While down there hubby was telling him that we were going to sell our cows. I started crying. I went ahead and walked the bull back to our home and when I walked back to his house, hubby said they had gotten it all straight. He just said he flat out asked him if he wanted to do it for us or not. That if he didn't to let us know. He said that our neighbor didn't mind tending to our cows for us. :) It was such relief, because no matter how aggravation they can be, no matter how much I have to hear hubby fuss about them, no matter how much they cost us, I LOVE THEM!

Anyway, that gets us to this point.. We decided one of the ways to solve one of our problems. A big problem, was to buy a bull for our cows. Our young bull wasn't going to work. We now have 3 females that need a bull and putting them with the neighbor's bull just wasn't going to work. Been there, done that, to no avail..

We get ready to go to the auctions on Wednesday when we find out about another neighbor that's selling all of his cows and has a bull for sale. Since we had planned on going to the auction, we went ahead and drove over to the auction. We were there ALL day long! Didn't buy anything! They only had like 3 bulls we were interested in bidding on and it went so quickly that we missed all 3. To be honest, the bull down the road was weighing on my mind. I was scared to buy anything from the auction and than possibly wanting his bull too. So we come home and drive down the road to our neighbors. He wasn't home but we saw a big bull out in his field and knew that had to be the one for sale. We called the neighbor and rode down the next day to look at him. We saw him and fell in love! He's not only a bull, he is a MAN bull.. He's a 7 year old stud! lol We agreed on a price and decided to come the next day, Friday, to pick him up.

When we pulled up to his house Friday evening, he loaded up in the cattle trailer like he knew what was going on. After inside the trailer, he wasn't to happy. He's so big, he was rocking the trailer AND my Yukon it was attached to. lol I think it's safe to say he's probably pushing 2,000 lbs. He's a hoss!

We drive home and pull in. I was so excited to see how our cows would respond to having their own man! lol I had my camera ready! When we unloaded him, he went straight and checked out the 4 cows we have and than walked around the whole perimeter of the field he was in. It was quite comical to watch him going from cow to cow. He was chasing the young bull away from HIS women. lol

Yesterday afternoon he decided he liked one of the cows better than the other two and he stayed by her side. When she took a step, so did he. When we fed them this morning, he ran all the other cows away from the food, but allowed HER to eat. Was he buttering her up or what? lol Anyway, I would say that approximately 9 months from TODAY (Lord willing), we should have a baby calf born on Harvest Time Farm! ♥

I have decided to name him Sampson, as in Sampson from in the bible.. Isn't he handsome??? What a blessing!

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