Monday, May 14, 2012

Settling in at home!

I know I went MIA after my giveaway, but after having an abscess tooth and all, hubby was laid off from his job. It wasn't a shocker. He had been practically been begging for one. He was ready to come home.

So he was laid off on Wednesday and we hung out in Mississippi for the next few days fishing! We went and fished out of the Mississippi River one time. Hubby caught 3 decent sized catfish and he was satisfied. One thing the Mississippi waterways is not lacking, and that's catfish. lol

Anyhow, we decided to pack up and head home last Monday. This evening will be a week since we've been back home. It's been a busy busy week! We've been running errands and cutting bushes. Trying to clear more of our 8 acres off to plant grass for the cows. Than we've had my baby bull get loose twice. I walked him all the way home the first time. I think this time we may just load him up into a trailer and haul him to the auction and sell him. I can't contend with a cow that wants to leave home all the time, no matter how much I like him. When we first came home, he would growl at us like a bear! It was so funny cause he's so small and acting so big. I went up and rubbed him on the head like I normally do and he started licking my feet. All I can assume is that he didn't recognize me.

So now we're talking about selling the baby bull and going to buy a grown bull for our cows. Hubby said that a bull was going to be my Mother's Day present. Mind you, Mother's Day was yesterday! lol Oh yeah, that's another thing we've been doing since being home. Seeing all the family! We went to hubby's mom's and step mom's on Saturday. Yesterday we went to my grannies and saw my Mom. Than went to see my Dad's mom yesterday evening. I have such a big family! Blessed! ♥

I'll try to be a little more active.. Hubby went to the hall to see if he could take a welding test and see about more work. I'm hoping he will get a job very soon! The next round of nuke outages start in the fall, so I'm hoping he can find something in town till this fall.. :)

I have SO much to fill y'all in on, but I'll save it for another day. God bless each of you! ♥

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  1. Hi Mel,

    Came across your blog. Would love to speak to you about guest blogging for us at Richly Middle Class about homeschooling.