Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newest adventure!

On hubby's off day, Sunday, we decided to go fishing again. We had such a fun time a couple of weeks previous at Little Bayou Pierre that I wanted to go back. After picking up some crickets, hubby decides he wants to try out a new fishing spot. Big mistake! We're out here at a place where hubby had been WARNED of alligators. I can handle the thought of alligators being in the area because everywhere we swim has alligators. I can handle the thought of one or maybe two, but the possibility of actually seeing one where we're going, made me a little nervous.

We get down on the sand bar and walk forever! The water is swift. Way to swift to swim. I don't know how this waterway is considered a bayou. Hubby said they must not have known the definition of a bayou when they named it. lol If we had known, we could brought floats, walk up the "bayou," and float down. That would have been fun! Problem is, all we had was two ($1) 30" tire floats for Hannah and myself and I had no desire to be there at all! Isaiah didn't want to fish because the water was to strong and deep for him to fish. Hubby caught a couple of catfish there, but I begged him to take us to the place we went before. A place that's back off in the woods, secluded, where we could relax and have a good time.

Hubby was such a great sport because he gave up and finally decided to leave. hehe

We get to Little Bayou Pierre and he doesn't like how it looks because the water is more shallow than it was on our previous trip. Gotta have deep water to catch the big one right?

So the boys start fishing while Hannah and I look for rocks on the beach. While we were looking for rocks, hubby was fishing in a hole beside the sand bar. He starts walking and just disappears out of site. The only thing we saw was the end of his pole sticking out of the water when we heard the noise and looked. It was so funny! I guess he didn't expect such a sudden drop off. lol

The boys decide to go down stream to find a better hole to fish. I told them to go ahead, that we were coming behind them. I wanted to break out my big ole ($1) 30" tire float and Miss Hannah and I were going to float down the middle of the "bayou" till we caught up to them.

We leave all of our belongings on the beach so they wouldn't get wet and we set out to find the boys. As we go the water gets deeper and deeper. It's over our heads and the boys are way down the "bayou."  I reach down for the bottom but feel something hard with hole in it and get freaked out. Hannah said she tried and felt bubbles coming up off the bottom. All we could think of were alligators! The boys were within shouting distance but we feel eerily alone. We kicked and kicked as hard as we could to make it to the other side of this deep stretch of water. Boy were we glad when we were through it!

When we finally caught up to them, they had found the fishing hole!

 Elijah had a hard time the whole day. I think all of the baby fish were attracted to his line. Even when his line was two inches from his dads line, his dad would pull in a good one, and he'd pull in a baby. Poor thing was so upset! He didn't like catching baby fish.. lol

Hubby caught a pretty good one and I said, "Aren't you glad we decided to come here?" You know I had to say something! lol
I think the funniest moment was when Isaiah caught this fish. He had his line in the water. He was having a hard time with his reel and it wouldn't reel all the way up. Hubby told him to use it the best he could because there wasn't anything he could do at at the present time. I said, "Isaiah, can I use your pole to fish a minute?" He says, "Sure!" He looks at his cork and he doesn't see it, so he starts reeling. The reel stops reeling and he starts running for the bank! I look over at him and I was starting to yell, "That's not how you reel in the line boy" when all the sudden I saw he had a good sized catfish on the end of the line! He got it all the way up on the edge of the sand, let go of the line, and
ran towards the fish to catch it by hand. By this time, his dad had seen it and started running, telling him not to let go of the line and the fish was trying it's hardest to swim back towards deep water! Oh Lord, the whole thing was so funny! Guess what! He caught it! Here's his big catch for the day! I do believe that he had a tie with hubby's catch for the day. :)

After 4 hours of fishing, hubby was wore out and we decided to head back out. On the way back to our vehicle, there was a guy on the bank fishing. We were talking to him for a minute. He said, "There's an alligator that lives here." He said, "I saw your things sitting on the bank over there and I didn't see anybody. I had my phone here and after seeing that 6-8' gator, he thought he had gotten him someone and if I didn't see anyone by the time I left, I was going to call someone." THE PLACE HE WAS REFERRING TO WAS THE DEEP SPOT HANNAH AND I WERE SWIMMING THROUGH! All we did was look at one another. I thanked God for His protection! I know an alligator isn't apt to come attack people, but with coming out of Winter and them being hungry, I'm just glad it didn't come thinking our legs or toes were food!

Of course I didn't bring my camera to the "bayou" this day, but I made sure I took a picture of all the fish when we made it back to the RV park. There were 12 in all! Here's my proud boys! ♥

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